BRT For You


  • Extensive connectivity
  • 3 trunk, 26 direct and 42 feeder route
  • BRT services within walking distance from home
  • Cash and card ticketing

Reliable & Safe

  • over 750 buses servicing IMBRT routes
  • Monitored by control centre
  • Bus run on schedule
  • Real time travel information
  • CCTV monitoring in busses and stations


  • Dedicated lanes and priority traffic lights for trunk routes
  • Could run as frequently as every 10-15 minutes
  • Platform level boarding
  • Off-board fare collection
  • Multiple doors for quick boarding

Phase 1


50 %
Coverage of population of Iskandar Malaysia
20 km
First Phase
Stations in Tebrau
Stations in Skudai
Stations in Iskandar Puteri

Station & Terminal Facilities

Retail outlet

Lifts and escalator

customer services centre

ticket vending machine

Male and female surau

Male and female toilet

Staff at station to provide assistance

Ticket vending machines

Ramp access

Tactile tiles

Braille for lift button

Low counter for wheel chair use

Disabled friendly toilets

Bus Type (Proposed)

Articulated 18m ( Trunk route)


12m bus
(Direct route)


8m bus
(Feeder route)


BRT Around The World

383% growth of BRT in the past 10 years

have implemented BRT

Jakarta Bangkok • Hanoi Guangzhou •  Shanghai Seoul Ahmedabad Istanbul Cannes Paris  Brazil  Los Angeles  Las Vegas  New York

121 cities planned / in construction

Cebu Manila  Shenzen  Belfast  Glasgow 

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Media Releases

excerpt : as for the future of the dedicated lane? It was an overarching success. MBTA data and rider experience surveys showed that the pilot reduced travel times by 6-10 minutes and improved reliability for bus riders, which surpassed expectations for the overall time savings.

Equity in Transit @IMBRTOfficial will increase network from 39% to 90%, improve frequency on some local bus routes from 40mins to 20mins and hence reduce waiting time too.. very early morning and late night services are being planned as well.

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